Here's my portfolio of technical writing, editorial work, and presentation abstracts.

Technical writing



Rethinking "Rogue" Content (NITC (internal NI conference), 2020)

Many writers struggle to wrangle "rogue documentation" for their productthat is, non-writer-created, non-DITA help content that makes its way into user workflows. However, a mindset shift from "official help vs. your wacky content" to "devs and writers vs. user confusion" can improve both doc sets and stakeholder relationships. In this time-traveling journey through 3 rogue help sites, my co-presenter and I shared what we've learned about communication, negotiation, and understanding the dev experience to make content that works for everyone.


Asking Good Questions: Conversation without Interrogation (NITC, 2019)  

As technical writers, we ask questions every day—to other writers, content experts, business stakeholders, and even potential hires. In this talk, my co-presenter and I sought to answer everyone's favorite questions about questions, including the following:

    • How do you balance clarity of purpose with flexibility in the moment? 
    • How can you get to the core of an answer without getting bogged down in extraneous details? 
    • How do you drill down into those details when you want to?